• Seasoned Program and Performance  Artist with LEARNING PARTNERS /BIG THOUGHT

  • Drama teacher who focuses on creative  improvisational skills, playwriting,  presentation and acting skills, and performances

  • Public speaking coach

  • Interactive Storyteller and  Puppeteer for ages 2 - 102 

  • Songwriter, scriptwriter, recording artist and director of educational, early learning,  math CDs



Bachelor of Dramatic Arts, Bachelor of Arts,  Math and English High School teaching graduate,  Licentiate in Speech and Drama  


 Lynn Baskind taught Math and English at high school level in Johannesburg, South Africa, for many years.

Lynn the Math Teacher and Coach




Excelling at math herself, Lynn, as a young teacher, was surprised to find her Junior High students  had serious math obstacles. Their early math foundation was clearly lacking. Because her students hadn’t mastered elementary math skills and concepts,  they struggled with simple fractions and algebra. Their math language was horrifyingly  lacking.


When Lynn became an assistant professor at the Johannesburg Teacher’s Training College, she was assigned to the Drama  Department.


She had the fortunate task of creating engaging, interactive strategies for teaching and reinforcing early math literacy and skills.


With enthusiastic passion she  researched and analyzed  math development in young children.


She is the author of many math stories and songs, and has created  dramatized interactive games that develop early numeracy in PreK – 2nd grade students.

Lynn the Storyteller and Lecturer


Adults, seniors and kids enjoy Lynn’s program throughout the Metroplex. Literary studies are the foundation for her story selections.


Lynn the Puppeteer


As head of the Puppet Department, she worked with the graduating students to include puppetry as a highly engaging and effective teaching tool.


While working at the College,  Lynn  wrote  and produced two children’s CD’s – “Linda’s a Star” and “How Many Legs?”. These story and song CDs  teach early numeracy and multiplication.  Repeated listening to these amusing story and music CDs will help kids learn number patterns and facts. What a great way to establish a solid foundation for later math success!


Lynn the Artist


As a seasoned artist,  illustrator and seamstress, Lynn makes many of the PUPPETS, COSTUMES, AND SETS FOR HER SHOWS.

Delighted to call  Dallas home


Immigrating to the USA with three young children, Lynn decided to develop and perform educational programs.  She auditioned and  joined YOUNG AUDEINCES  and  became a popular performance/teaching artist.



 BIG THOUGHT's in depth teacher evaluations have consistently rated Lynn among the top performing artists!  Her love of her work is always reinforced by the wonderful letters kids write to her.  What could be more affirming than “You are the best storyteller I ever, ever had!”  “Can you come back next week?"


Are YOU my Dino-mother?

Lynn Baskind offers a variety of  interactive  story and puppet programs for classroom, library and event performances. An energetic, humor filled style encourages audiences to participate in the fun.

Lynn Baskind opens her PreK puppet suite case

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