Tales of Africa

If you cannot visit Africa, let Africa visit you.

PreK – 6


Tales of Africa, its people and animals come alive in this lively dramatized storytelling program. 

A Bushman tale from the Kalahari desert tells how a Bushman father explains to his son HOW THE MOON GOT MARKS ON ITS FACE.  

Why there are no elephants in certain areas of South Africa is explained in RABBIT OUTWITS ELEPHANT BULLY.

Hear how THE GUILTY THIEF creates magic.   

When LITTLE CHO-CHO GOES TO MARKET his Mama realizes just how big and smart he is.

HOW THE SNAKE PLANT GOT IT’S NAME is a tale about a nasty mother-in-law  who brings about her own punishment.


Lynn Baskind was born and raised in South Africa. She brings along her African themed artwork, maps,  crafts and fabrics,  and percussion instruments to recreate a cultural immersion. Stories are age appropriate.

Some comments from past performances:

Director Campbell Green Recreation Center, Dallas:  “Definitely the hit of the evening.”

Scoutmaster – Richardson:  “Wished you could have stayed longer. The children were enthralled.”

Allison (from her letter to Lynn)  8 year old, Plano: “… the best storyteller I’ve ever,ever seen.”

Senior at Legacy Assisted Living:  “Haven’t had such fun in a long time!”  


Mother-in-law’s Tongue was the interactive dramatized story that  identified the talented senior actors whose impromptu dialogue had the group howling with laughter.  

Program: 30 – 60 minutes   $100-$200

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Lynnette Baskind

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