A young, South African,  Zulu maiden must listen to the song of her heart as she makes significant life choices.  It has taken a village to raise this assertive, caring young girl who is dearly beloved by her wise mother, and  the animals and villagers of her home.


Lynn’s carefully crafted puppets and the African artwork, artifacts, fabrics, costumes, percussion instruments and sets combine to makes this an authentic multicultural experience. The story is charming and engaging. Lots of fun and laughter.


Audience participation  always  adds a wonderfully fun element and encourages students to become participants in life rather than mere spectators.   Kids and adults are invited onto the stage and given puppets or costumes.  The seated audience also joins in the chants and drum rhythms. 


SONG OF LOVE  is fabulous fun!


Suitable for  age 5 and above, the program is tweaked to accommodate different age groups.

Availability:  Monday thru Saturday.  45 – 60 minutes.

Song of Love props

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Lynnette Baskind

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