Goblins and Ghosts

Kids and parents love to participate in this interactive dramatic presentation. Lynn is the Kick-a-lot Witch who gets kicked into the river, a well deserved punishment for nasty, mischievous behavior. Then Lynn becomes the Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe – this time she cooks up a salty stew!  Wishes for Fishes is a spell binding tale of spells gone wrong.   

Did you know Martin Alexander Rose

Who chose to visit a haunted house?

He was a wild and willful child.

And now he is a mouse!

This acclaimed program is ideal for a Halloween celebration at home or at recreation centers.



For older students Lynn uses the poems she has written to teach poetry composition  - verse, rhyme scheme, meter, main idea. She also includes caricature sketching as a complement to the poetry writing. Students write,  illustrate and perform  the poems they create.   This “workshop” is suitable for camps, summer programs, recreation centers and schools. The peoms kids have written could be “published” in a booklet and then performed on a stage in costumes the kids create and with or without puppets the kids create. 

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