Lynn Basind  and popular musical actor,  Willy Welch,
dynamically present  new and creative ways to make math exciting  and  fun.
Dramatized stories and songs are interactive and students love their participation both on and off the stage.  The colorful pictures, props and puppets make this fabulous show artistically inspiring.
NIMBLE NUMBERS is Math teaching at its best.

NIMBLE NUMBERS  will spark  students’ curiosity about numbers.  The strong visual and kinesthetic content of the show, as well as the musical elements,  will appeal to all kinds of learning styles – kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners.  NIMBLE NUMBERS will encourage  students to understand and master skills like number recognition, addition, subtraction, skip counting, problem solving, doubling, fractions, multiplication and division. The specific content of the show will be appropriately selected for specific grade level.  


NIMBLE NUMBERS has been booked consistently and repeatedly in schools with fabulous reviews and evaluations.  Entertainment and teaching at its best!  After the show lots of the kids ask “When are you coming back?”

 45 – 60 minute program   
Group size:  Ideal venue is an auditorium or music room.  Highly recommended for  k – 2nd grade. 150 students at most.  Fewer students obviously gives more opportunity to participate in the show.  
Grade levels are best separated so that the program addresses appropriate math skill level.

A teacher or afterschool employee must remain with class at all times
Recommended “audience” size:
50 PK – K students per performance
100 1st and 2nd grade students per performance
COST: $400 for two back to back performances.

Please designate a person in your school as the primary contact on the day of the program to facilitate artists’ needs

You will love  NIMBLE NUMBERS!


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