Grown-Up Shows

As an English major, lecturer and student of literature, Lynn Baskind selects and presents adult programming  with her mesmerizing talent.


Programs usually 30-60 minutes. $150. Group size 10-50.


Lynn tells the story and presents acted excerpts from this Shakespearian masterpiece.  The aging Lear’s relationship with his daughters is discussed in terms of our contemporary world. As our population ages and our elderly require more and more care, how do we “daughters” (and sons) deal with the challenging and complex  care of our aging parents? At the beginning of the play Cordelia says to her demanding father “I cannot heave my heart into my mouth.” She is blind to the possible consequences of her inability and unwillingness to express her love to her father.  This hour long presentation encourages a group discussion about parental choices and filial duty.  T.S.Eliot “I grow old, I grow old. I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled.” How do we cope with the prospect of having our own trousers rolled?


Selected short stories amuse and fascinate as they challenge our notions of that which is taken for granted. Lynn acts out and dramatizes  some of her favorite tales.

Herman Charles Bosman’s hilarious story about transporting three nuns to the annual “nagmaal” gathering has a rye, funny ending.

Blind Herr Gundlemeister shares his art collection, blissfully unaware of his daughter’s loving deception. When is truth appropriate and falsehood condoned?


With compassionate humor Lynn narrates and dramatizes her experience with her mother and mother-in-law's dementia.

A visit to Alzheimer Land!  

This is a  tender and touching story of Lynn’s annual visits to her aging mother across the Atlantic ocean. Coping with separation and distance and the dismay of this transformational disease is a springboard for discussion.

Ducking Behind the Couch!  

Gradually declining into dementia, Lynn’s mother-in-law lived with her for eight years.  From warming her bath towel to serving three breakfasts, Lynn compassionately and humorously discusses strategies for coping with the challenge of Alzheimer’s. Dramatization and role play makes this touching presentation mesmerizing and dynamic.


In her husband’s medical practice, Lynn was promoted  by a pod of proud-pooping patients from office mismanager to Poop Queen.  Along with her puppet patients, Lynn royally shares the management strategies of controlling anal emissions. She offers some sage medical perspectives about elephant dung, rabbit droppings, and explosive tsunamis.

Alas, the Kingdom of Poop is seldom visited!  Book a tour with Lynn through the winding ways of the digestive system, through the caverns of the colon, into the fiery horrors of hemorrhoidia. This tumultuous journey ends blissfully in  the tranquil utopia of purrrfection.  

Lynn is fondly remembered by grateful patients.

A refined Southern belle, seated demurely at a swanky coffee table,  sweetly confessed “Why Lynn, for the past ten years I have thought of you  fondly - every morning!”  

A participant at this program presented at the Gilda Radner Cancer Center remarked “ That was one informative hoot!”


Lynn brings along bags of puppets to connect with the child within. Accompanied by old timer music, seniors are introduced to Lynn's puppet world. She shares some of her funny experiences “on the road”. Seniors get to manipulate and join in the sing-a-longs and stories. 

30-60minutes. Adapted to the group needs. Lots of fun!

The visual aspect of the puppets is engaging. Also, when seniors manipulate the puppets, it frees them from concerns about “performing”. After all, it is the puppets that are performing!

Some delightful, funny, impromptu moments are tapped out of this creative, interactive program.

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Lynnette Baskind

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